Sprinkler Inventory Audit

The purpose of a complete sprinkler inventory audit is to acquire updated information about the irrigation system. Over the course of time personnel change sprinklers and nozzles on the golf course without making these changes in the central irrigation software. Over time the water demand can exceed the supply and create low pressure conditions around the course. During an inventory audit every sprinkler is activated and observed while operating. The following data is collected for each and every sprinkler.

  • Satellite & station number
  • Sprinkler type and nozzles
  • Arc -360 / 180 or other
  • Area Irrigated
  • Problems (leaking, low, broken, not working, clogged nozzle, non-rotation)

The Benefits of a Sprinkler Inventory Audit

  • Golf Course is provided with sprinkler & nozzle inventory to compare and change in central computer
  • Provides knowledge of past irrigation practices and maintenance standards
  • Provides factual data with regards to inconsistencies between field and computer data
  • Decreases disparity between pump station or supply line GPM to actual use on course
  • Helps improve water and power efficiency if distribution uniformity can be improved
  • Provides a basis from which budgeting for sprinkler repairs and upgrades can be planned
  • A problem list gives the Superintendent a starting point and a plan for irrigation personnel.
  • By knowing what is on the golf course, turf inconsistencies or problem areas can be evaluated and improved. Most turf problems are caused by mal-functioning sprinklers and systems that are not maintained properly

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