Satellite Upgrades

Copper River Satellite InstallationGolf Irrigation Consultants (GIC) has installed over 400 irrigation satellites at 13 golf courses in California, Hawaii and Mexico. We have poured new cement pads and replaced satellites onto existing pads. As a licensed C-27 Landscape Contractor, we can handle the entire control system upgrade. When a client uses GIC, they always get the owners on site and in the trenches to perform the work. We are conscientious about or clients property, staff and golfers. A typical satellite and control system upgrade encompasses the following process:

  • Meeting with the Superintendent and course ownership so they will better understand the process, the schedule and what affect the new system will have on course conditions
  • GPS Mapping of the existing irrigation system and course features
  • Assisting with station counts to ensure the correct satellites are ordered
  • Ordering all materials used in the installation process
  • 3 Re-sequencing the wiring when multiple heads on one station are split up
  • Labeling and dismantling of existing satellites
  • Excavation for new pads and inspection and repair of all wiring and any problems discovered
  • Installation of new satellites and connection of all wiring, installation of grounding components
  • Testing of all stations and communication to central
  • Programming and set-up of central computer and new antennas and repeater if needed
  • Completion of final map, creation of T.Map or Rain Bird central map
  • Customer training on new satellites and central computer

GIC is the only irrigation consulting and contracting company that can perform all of the work associated with a control system replacement or upgrade. GIC has installed new satellites in the middle of summer. There is never more than 24 hours of downtime and when absolutely needed, we have created a process that entails installing new satellites on new cement pads and the client was able to irrigate on the same day. Once on site GIC takes the time to assist staff with troubleshooting irrigation wiring or other problems at no additional charge. In ten years we have never issued a change order and we have never had to return to a client for warranty work.

Sat Before1 Sat After1
Before Satellite Upgrade After Satellite Upgrade

Control System Upgrade Clients

  • Copper River G.& C.C. (Fresno, CA.)
  • Del Mar C.C. (Del Mar, CA.)
  • San Luis Obispo C.C. (San Luis Obispo, CA)
  • Summitpointe G.C. (Milpitas, CA.)
  • Lake Chabot G.C. (Oakland, CA.)
  • Ocean Hills G.C. and H.O.A. (Oceanside, CA.)
  • Nakoma (The Dragon) G.C. (Clio, CA.)
  • San Vicente G.C. (San Vicente, CA.)
  • El Dorado Golf & Beach Club (B.C. Mexico)
  • Spring Valley G.C. (Milpitas, CA.)
  • Sunnyside C.C. (Fresno, CA.)
  • Carmel Mountain Ranch G.C. (San Diego, CA.)
  • Challenge at Manelli (Lanai, HW)

The FlowerThe Blooming Flower

During the Satellite Upgrade process, it is not as simple as taking off the existing box and slapping on a new one in it's place. More often than not, we will re-position the Irrigation Satellite, pour a new concrete slab, and pull in new lead wires and splice them to the field wires. 

In this photo, we take great care in making sure that everything is wired up and properly labled. Golf Course Superintendents and their staff always like to see the 'Blooming Flower' before we place it in a junction box. Labeling everything makes it both easy to indentify which wire is what, along with making it easy to wire troubleshoot in the future.