03 Jul
Posted by Craig Zellers

Irrigation Satellite WiringWhat to Consider and how to avoid surprise expenses

(Part 2 of 3)

Should you be breaking up doubled wires into new stations or changing the station sequencing, there will be irrigation central programming needed. At the same time your existing irrigation maps will need to be changed. If you utilize any of the electronic maps resident in the software, those will need to be changed as well.

If you are replacing an older Toro LTC or NW8000 satellite with V.P. or E-OSMAC, you may need to change the hydraulic flow tree /zones within the central.

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28 Jun
Posted by John Hamilton

Basics of Wire TroubleshootingBasics of Wire Troubleshooting for Golf Course Irrigators

In this article, I am going to discuss the basics of wire troubleshooting along with the essential tools necessary to address common problems encountered in the field. 

As an irrigator, you just came back from taking a couple of days off and the Golf Course Superintendent asks you why the 16th Tee looks really dry and the grass is dying. You may have checked the clock a couple of weeks back during your routine maintenance checks and knew that everything was working fine; yet, now there is obviously a problem.

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04 Jun
Posted by Craig Zellers

Irrigation Control SystemWhat to Consider and how to avoid surprise expenses (Part 1 of 3)

Remember that old adage "What they don't teach you in college"? This statement applies in the daily life of a Golf Course Superintentdent. When it comes to irrigation control system replacement, this adage holds especially true. There are multiple factors to consider and steps in the process that you may not thought of or heard of from friends in the industry. Failing to account and plan for one or more of these factors can rapidly increase the project time and expense.

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