Irrigation Programming

We offer this service on new irrigation systems or we can re-program your existing software. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Toro, Rainbird or Hunter. We have the experience to assist you with your small or large programming needs.

Many Superintendents who change jobs inherit a central system of which they are not familiar. They may need on-site training or in most cases want to change what they have to fit their irrigating needs. Some of the many results and benefits of programming include:


  • Decreased use of water which results in water & power savings
  • Increase in control over the system gallons per minute and where water is distributed on the course. This leads to a shorter water window, improved pump efficiency & better head to head coverage
  • Less wet and dry areas means more consistent playing conditions for golfers
  • Increased efficiency with the use of pesticides and or fertilizers equates to improved effects on turf and possible reduction in expenses
  • Improved hydraulic control leads to mainline and lateral pipe longevity
  • Reallocation of labor due to less manual irrigating
  • Better prepared for future hardware and software upgrades
  • Creation of central map that interacts with your database is an excellent time saving tool


We offer competitively priced satellite upgrades and change-outs for all types of irrigation systems. We can handle all of the new station wiring, splices, sequencing, communication, power and grounding. We complete the job with a test of every new station and check communication from the central. Not sure where to start and how to find the time to inventory the new stations and program them into the central? Our “Turn Key Upgrade Package” combines all of your needs without you having to worry about one detail of your upgrade.


Never before has one company had the expertise to handle all aspects of a satellite upgrade. One of the reasons that golf courses change satellites is to break up the stations that have 2 or more sprinklers into individually controlled heads. While this is a benefit, it results in new stations and the need for updated as-built maps. It also requires central program changes. Golf Irrigation Consultants can handle the entire process from A-Z. We do not sub-contract out our work and when you hire us, you are working directly with the owners. The entire process begins once you make one call to us to help create a cost effective and timely project timeline. Once you receive your new satellites, we take over and conduct the following:

  • GPS and Inventory of the entire irrigation system and all course features
  • Install new satellites
  • Complete all splicing and field testing
  • Program central computer with new stations, programs and hydraulics
  • Create a new Toro T.Map or Cirrus Map
  • Provide customer training on central computer and mapping systems.
  • Turnover of field irrigation maps,  a wall mounted map and blueprint drawings

(On many projects that involve station re-sequencing, we recommend conducting the GPS work first so that all re-sequencing can be done on paper. This makes theactual wiring and organized process without guesswork.)


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